1. We are death's janitors. We are not in the business of destroying or altering property. We clean, we seal. We destroy as a last resort.

    Eddie Evans - Crime Scene Cleanup


  • Background Briefing - This radio program touches on white-collar and political crimes, such as cronyism. These are the crimes that have socialized costs for the rest of society, not just individuals.
  • Biohazard Cleanup - Biohazard cleanup in human related events involves blood and other potentially infectious materials (OPIM). This page introduces cleaning issues and prices.
  • Bloodborne Pathogens and HAZMAT - This page seeks to clarify the similarities and differences between these two. Read more on bloodborne pathogens and crime scene cleanup by clicking HERE.
  • Crime Scene Cleanup Cronyism - This page seeks to explain the motivations and growth of cronyism in crime scene cleanup. Cronyism creates economic injustice for consumers as well as grave political issues.
  • Crime Scene Cleanup School - This links to an underdeveloped but useful crime scene cleanup resource. (caution - graphic gifs. )
  • Death Cleanup - Redundant and specific cleaning needs and approaches to death cleanup's unique issues.
  • Death Odor - This page seeks to demystify the nature of the death odor.
  • Decomposition Cleanup - Pitty the poor family condemned to cleanup after a decomposed family member. Read and see what not to do.
  • Glossary - Terms used here come from the crime scene cleanup industry. We created lables and used lables from other fields to describe events, situations, and acts common to crime scene cleanup, but unarticulated.
  • Homicide Cleanup - What makes a homicide cleanup different than any other biohazardous cleanup? First, there are more similarities than differences. Differences create unforeseen issues.
  • Suicide Cleanup - As above, how does a suicide cleanup differ from any other cleanup? The professional cleaner knows beforehand what to expect, what the similarities may be, and the extent of hazards.
  • Why do we have Crime Scene Cleaners? - This page seeks to explain the history and development of crime scene cleanup in the USA. It was the model for the original Wikipedia page on the same subject by this writer.