What I could do but for corruption in the Orange County Coroner's Office

If you have spent any time searching for a crime scene cleanup magazine, you may find what you need here. Many people in Orange County recognize my crime scene cleanup company because of my Internet and grassroots efforts to inform others. I try to tell others about Orange County consumer fraud. I use this same and similar information for California's other counties.

If you do not believe me, then how might we explain the fact that I receive fewer than I telephone call per year, leading to biohazard cleanup in Orange County.

• About this writer

My name is Eddie Evans, and I am a 63-year-old biohazard cleanup. I own my own business, which is known as biohazard cleanup in Orange County, California. I also own Biosafe. I have cleaned after death for over seven years, but only about 20 times in Orange County because of coroner's corruption.

My trauma cleanup experience includes military trauma cleanup (Vietnam). I've cleaned after hundreds of deaths, including homicide, suicide, unattended death, and decomposition. My most extensive crime scene cleanup job took almost a week because four victims decomposed for two months.

Because I work alone, my clients save a lot of money. I make a decent profit most of the time. I have returned to one biohazard cleanup job because I missed something in an area no one would have considered. I drove to New Mexico to make it right. I have a business guarantee that means I will return a client anytime does not feel comfortable with the work completed.

I have multiple college degrees and credentials for teaching at the high school level and adult education. After ten years in education, I switched to the biohazard cleanup business. Then I learned about coroner cronyism in crime scene cleanup; I became sick over the idea that our coroner's employees cheat our Orange County taxpayers.

Last, my wife of 41 years and I live in Cypress and have done so for over 30 years. I once worked for the Orange County Marshal and Orange County Probation Department. With these years of experience working hard and honestly for Orange County's citizens, you cannot imagine the disgust I feel for those corrupt Orange County employees cheating the public. I spent 23 years in the regular army and national guard.

biohazard cleanup Fraud

My experience tells me that most biohazard cleanup fraud takes place in county offices, specifically in the coroner's department. Cronyism occurs as coroners' investigators and others come face-to-face with families. These families must appear at the coroner's department to recover property taken by coroner's employees or police officers at the scene of a homicide, suicide, or unattended death.

• Fighting Corruption in the Orange County Coroner's Office


Some of my other web sites include crime scene cleanup, biohazard cleanup, and unattended death cleanup. In Orange County, I own Orange County crime scene cleanup because crime scene cleanup became a high power key word following the entertainment industry's use of the phrase crime scene investigation. Every day I receive telephone calls because of my high profile related to biohazard cleanup. Many callers want a job, or they think I have a school, or they think I do a crime scene investigation.

Now Orange County Biohazard Cleanup exists because biohazard cleanup means the destruction or removal of biohazards from homes and businesses. Like biohazard cleanup, biohazard cleanup has a relatively high keyword power when it comes to the Orange County Internet.


The more common death cleanup keyword subject would seem more prevalent than crime scene cleanup, but not so. For example, Orange County Death Cleanup does as poorly as any other web site I have on Orange County's Internet pages. How could such a remarkable event occur, thousands of web pages in Orange County for death cleanup, and no one calls? Do I place the wrong telephone number on my pages? Do people in Orange County know how to use the Internet to find help for death cleanup? According to the Orange County deputy coroner, no one in her office gives out telephone numbers to my competitors. So, I guess we do live in the Twilight Zone.


And then there's Orange County suicide cleanup, which happens to be THE critical word in Orange County and other Southern California cities for crime scene cleanup searches. Since Wall Street took its taxpayer rescued dive suicide increased quite a bit across the country. OH, how do I know? I receive suicide cleanup calls from other states, but not my home county, Orange County.


Can you imagine what I must think of the low life forms in our Orange County coroner's office? Imagine that these people are American citizens, and they probably have or had mothers. How would you like to raise a child that steals from the dead? That's what they are doing, taking from the dead


A reasonable person should thank that I generate all sorts of leads to help clean after death in Orange County, but it's not so.


Currently, I'm working hard to destroy this local government fraud in the coroner's office. It also exists in the Orange County Administrator's Office too, but I have only so much time.


The consequences for Orange County residents in need of professional biohazard cleanup help include loss of thousands of dollars, and probably poor service.


Ask yourself if you were me and had hundreds of high ranking web sites for the various death cleanup needs in Orange County. Would you, too, have more than a reasonable suspicion that the coroner's employees cross the line in terms of conflict of interest?

I also have a crime scene cleanup book, but I don't use it much for crime scene cleanup crime-like writing.

I plan to remain active in the cronyism fight. I want to prevail soon so that I can rest, but I will not rest until I prevail. Which is to say I may go to my grave fighting corruption in the Orange County coroner's office.

What I could do but for corruption in the Orange County Coroner's Office
My interest in homicide, suicide, and unattended death goes well beyond crime scene cleanup. Since my first college years, sociological findings related to crime scenes, marriage, divorce, child abuse, and other social problems remains high. Given time I could write essential research findings for people to learn about their situation.

Here's an example of what I'm saying. Violent homicides against women are proven to increase in those cities with higher access to alcohol. Wow! "A no brainier" alert readers must think, but thinking something so and showing it so are two different matters.

Along with greater access to alcohol goes routine activities, lack of social bonds, and poverty. Increasing the incidence of homicide in poverty areas, we also find greater access to alcohol beverage outlets.

In those states with death penalties and higher alcohol consumption, the threat of a death penalty has less influence than in countries with less alcohol consumption. Put another way, where people drink less, the risk of a death penalty lessens the likelihood of homicide.

Since I broached the trauma subject, my trauma cleanup web site will soon cover traumatic injuries and death in domestic violence. Here's a biohazard cleanup page for more cleaning information. Crime Scene Cleanup Stuff

Eddie Evans

Crime Scene Cleanup


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• Know your cleaning compnay:

A crime scene cleanup company must offer to remove all materials soiled by blood. These materials must reach a safe place for storage and transport to a biowaste distruction point. Otherwise, theses wastes must be so treated as to no longer constitute a biohazard to the public.

• Know what you're doing:

Crime scene cleaners do the some of the most difficult cleaning imaginable. Anytime a crime scene cleaner takes their gloves off, they've either finished their work or come to a safe distance from blood contaminated materials.


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